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January 19-21, 2018





Trauma Recovery

Kim Fuller, Life Coach and Marriage and Family Therapist is CEO of Fuller Life Concepts, Inc. whose mission is to help professional women of color increase mood, improve motivation and be more productive. She is specially trained in trauma recovery and helps women understand the role their own individual trauma experiences play in keeping them from reaching their goals.


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Kim Fuller

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I found a lot of distractions to make me feel productive but not conducive to growing my business. And then Kim came into the picture! She helped me learn time management by practicing it! She helped me identify my reasons for lack of productivity and the things that kept me from growing.

Lisa Mausia

Owner, Kaia Fit

As a coaching client, she helped me gain the much-needed confidence I was lacking to move forward in my business.  I truly admire Kim and all that she stands for!

Tisha Marie Pelletier

Founder, Mom-e Club