In a the span of a few months, I became a widow and solo parent to my daughter Sydney, I left my full time job, I became a full time life coach (with 1 client), and a basket case.   I was now working from home by myself, alone, solo and independent.  Initially it felt really, really scary and only got worse.   I was lonely, frustrated, overwhelmed and scared, but I put on the face of competence to those around me.  I was disorganized, I had no plan, I kind of knew what direction I wanted to go in, struggled with prioritizing and following through to do what it takes to make it work as an entrepreneur and solo Mom.  I took many courses online and in person trying to fill up this fear.  I was failing.  I didn’t want to be the grumpy never seen Mommy.  I realize that wasn’t the life I wanted to live any longer.


Here is what I knew for sure – I had worked for 20+ years of being a marriage and family therapist, working in noon-profit mental health; first as a therapist then as director of an outpatient clinic.  I knew I couldn’t do it all by myself, no matter how much I tried.  I needed to have the support of others and I needed to ask for the help and accept it when it was offered. I also knew that the experience of losing my husband was traumatic and if I continued to pretend it wasn’t, I was hurting my life.


I hired a coach.  I was able to figure out my priorities, get my life plan together and become more organized with my business.  Then, I worked on my inner messages of self doubt .  I explored the traumatic experience of losing my husband and the internal messages that needed to be removed.  I worked on those lies I was telling myself because I was unclear about my worth in the world.

I began to find a way to express my feelings and inner messages that was productive and intentional.  I sought out quality connections from other entrepreneurs, including solo parenting Moms and mentors who were where I wanted to be which was essential because networking with other entrepreneurs forced me to take personal responsibility and become accountable to my goals and for the results I wanted to experience.  I rounded out my plan with focusing on the fun stuff of life – traveling the world, doing half marathons, working on my Spanish, and hanging out with loved ones.

I share my story in the Amazon best seller Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 Essential secrets for Mompreneurs.  

I offer individual coaching,  small group telecoaching and exclusive intimate retreats. My clients are frustrated with not reaching their personal and professional goals.  You want to get over the hurdle to success, but you also want to know why you were even stuck in that pattern.  During your time with me, we will explore patterns, creat a change plan, determine how this will happen for you  (in other words figure out what you need to do differently), and evaluate progress that will show you how to Stay Accountable to Your Goals