What are they saying?

Coaching with Kim Fuller has made a tremendous impact on my personal and professional life.

Prior to coaching with Kim, I was juggling many balls, missing deadlines and not accomplishing any of my goals. I was busy, but not productive. She gave me a specific action plan to follow, which has made a tremendous difference.

Since Kim began coaching me and offering suggestions to help organize my life, I have obtained the services of an administrative intern, I am accomplishing my goal of doing some creative writing three times a week and I feel less stress and more structured.

I am confident that Kim’s insight and out-of-the-box thinking will help motivate you and give you the extra push you need!

If anyone would like to talk further about the value of your coaching service, please provide my email address: roseofsharon365@gmail.com Sharon Judie

PlayWright, 10 Talent Productions

Before I hired Kim to help me with her life coaching services I was a hot mess! I had went out on a whim and decided I’d open my own business because I had loved what the franchise was and all that it stood for with little to no experience on actually running a business.  Recipe for disaster shall I say, but I was determined to figure out how to make it work for the sole purpose that I was passionate about helping women from a health and fitness aspect! After a few months of running around in circles with my head cut off I finally reached out to Kim or should I say she reached out to me after we had met at a networking event to see how she could help me! A blessing! She truly was! I had been trying to figure out how to stay organized and how to manage the business and life but I was failing! Big time! I’d stay up late, wake up early and worked all day with no real accomplishments with all the time I was putting in. I found a lot of distractions to make me feel productive but not conducive to growing my business. And then Kim came into the picture! She helped me learn time management by practicing it! She helped me identify my reasons for lack of productivity and the things that kept me from growing.  And then we went from there! I was able to go from working all day everyday to only working a few hours of the day and still accomplishing more tasks then working all day! I was able to develop a focus I desperately needed! Goals were reached and exceeded while I worked with her! For this I will be forever grateful for her services! She is very easy to talk to and always willing to find solutions for my issues! Kim is the best! And I would recommend her to anyone that needs help organizing or learning how to really grow as a person and in turn create a thriving environment for your business!

Lisa Mausia

Owner, Kaia Fit

I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on Kim’s radio show and have experienced a personal coaching session with her.  Her positive, upbeat attitude really shines through in every aspect of her business which makes her so good at what she does!  As a guest on her radio show, Kim was incredibly organized and made the process so simple for me to share my story with her listeners.  As a coaching client, she helped me gain the much-needed confidence I was lacking to move forward in my business.  I truly admire Kim and all that she stands for!

Tisha Marie Pelletier

Founder, Mom-e Club

Kim Fuller and her Accountability Group was the catalyst to get me focused and motivated to move my business in the right direction. She offered sound advice and guidance with dozens of tips to make balancing life and business less hectic. She was supportive with the groups personal and professional goals. I highly recommend Kim Fuller if you need that extra push to tackle life’s challenges.


CEO, Staged and Stylish Interiors

I joined ALL IN Accountability group because I am a procrastinator and I wanted to fulfill a goal  and I joined to work toward my goal that I have had for a long time.  I had done nothing to get to the goal.  Now I a closer than ever.  The group has been great and wonderful.  It forces you to keep track of your goal.  An amazing group that helped me.  If you need to reach any type of goal or personal accomplishment, having someone to  hear you and you hear their side – it will inspire you and encourage you and motivate you to reach your goals.

Renita Hudspeth

Thank you Kim Fuller of Fuller Life Concepts for being our motivating guest speaker at tonight’s Mom-e Club Long Beach meeting at Kidz Head 2 Toe! It was a great topic and discussion on the different types of procrastination, ways we do it and how to move past it and move forward toward our goals. Jennifer Griner

Founder, National Association for Balanced Moms

I joined ALL IN accountability group  because I needed some support in order to reach the goals.  It’s been real wonderful experience and wonderfully supportive meeting consistently every month, with inspiring, brilliant, wonderful women.  Listening to others goals and receiving suggestions on how to reach mine.  I make sure to do SOMETHING before the calls so I have something to report.  I would highly recommend being a part of the ALL IN Accountability groups – a wonderful way to stay on task, get support in a friendly open environment.

Dawn Fuller Ball

I truly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Kim Fuller. She helped me to pull out my true self and to understand that I was the cause of my present/past state. In the beginning of my counseling I was bombarded by so many thoughts in my head. I was confused about which goal to take on first. She really helped me to write out my goals and to take the small steps to accomplish them. Our time spent together was truly enjoyable. Her positivity, friendliness and professionalism was exceptional. Kim you are the best!

Before working with Kim, I was a mess. My mind was cluttered. I had so many goals that I wanted to accomplish, but couldn’t figure out what to do first. I NEEDED HELP!
The time spent working to Kim was well worth it. I was able to realize why I couldn’t accomplish my goals. I was too scared of being myself to everyone. I only showed certain people my true self. I was afraid to jump out of the “box” that I placed myself in because I was afraid that people wouldn’t accept me. Now, I’m out of the BOX! I’m showing the WORLD who I really am and what I’m capable of doing. I LOVE it!

The three most significant improvements in my life are: Self-Confidence, Self- Awareness and
Ability to take ownership of my life and make no excuses, thanks to your coaching program. Judith Johnson

I  Love working with Kim. She has helped me develop more specific goals in several areas of my life. She helps keeps me motivated and accountable. She also helps me see things from different views.
Before working with Kim, I had no work life balance at all.  Kim has kept me accountable for taking time for myself and my family.  Since I have been coaching with Kim, I’ve accomplished many of my goals: got better organized at home, returned back to school to further my education and I have set aside more time for myself.  I love working with Kim. She’s got a great listening ear and great insight.

Paulita Elliott

Kim is an amazing lady. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to get a new focus
in life.

Barbara Schmalz

Insurance Agent

Kim Fuller is a fantastic life coach. She asked challenging questions that forced me to be honest with myself about who I am and what I want. She helped me identify what’s holding me back, and, most importantly, gave me the tools to overcome those barriers to help me achieve what I want. She quickly develops an easy rapport with her clients, creating a non-judgmental environment, making it easy to open up and share. I credit Kim with helping me find both my confidence and my voice.


Mother of 2