Close those extra Doors

When you want to reach goals you need to decrease the number of options you keep available for yourself. These extra options are distracting and likened to open doors.

I have been reading Predictably Irrational a book about the hidden forces that shape our decisions. This book is research based and explains that our misguided behaviors are not random, they are irrational and predictable.

In this book the author, Dan Ariely, explains how having options distracts us from our main objective or goal.  These options are just extra doors we leave open.  We work hard to keep these doors open with the “just in case” mindset we use it to rationalize our behavior.   Deep down we know that these open doors are actually worthless options, but we cannot let go “just in case”.

How special occasion outfits do you currently have in the closet “just in case” there is an upcoming event.  The truth is you haven’t worn that outfit when the last special occasion came about.   It is taking up extra space, literally and figuratively.

We are holding things that no longer have true worth. We struggle to make focused decisions because we just hate to close the doors on options.

In the video below, I share some additional examples and present a challenge to close the door.

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